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Texas solar 101

Solar In Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the hot Texas Summer sun. With this in mind, more and more Texans are choosing to harness the energy of the sun to power their homes and businesses. Solar electric systems are not without their difficulties, but properly managed, solar panels and a Texas solar buyback program can generate substantial electric savings for you.

Net Metering In Rio Grande Valley

Many solar retail electric providers in Texas offer their customers buyback plans that do just this. If you have an interconnection with the Texas grid, your excess electricity is exported into the power grid for other people to use. Your solar electricity becomes community solar energy. Later-when you need some of that extra electricity again-the electric provider returns it to you for free or at a discounted price. This is often referred to as simply Solar Buyback.

Net Metering At Work

With net metering as the buyback method, you only have one electric meter; it just flows both ways. When you use energy from the grid, the meter measures this just as it would on a regular electric meter. However, when you sell solar electricity back into the power grid, the meter essentially runs backwards. This is net-metering at work.

Is solar worth it for your home?

Find out Using our unique solar PV software with 99% accuracy all year round.


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The Power of the Sun, at your Fingertips.

SmartPro Solar is using the newest technology to monitor your system status from wherever you are and know exactly how much energy your solar system is producing. And you can generate reports on energy production by day, week, month, or year. All of it displayed in attractive and easy-to-read graphs and infographics.


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Panel-level production detail


Track grid imports and exports


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